Digital Products

Learn How To Create Your Own Digital Product

People will often ask me what it takes to put together and sell a digital product of their own. There are many amazing products and courses online, and while looking through the various niches that exist, it is remarkable just how many different forms these online products take. Are you creating a course or a set of courses? Do you have any experience making detailed documents, e-books, or even videos? When it comes to creating a digital product, there are many different options available. Understanding how to create and market one can be your way to an independent fortune or a new business that can be life changing.

However, before getting ourselves too far, the first step is to make sure you understand how the creation process works.

Research and Topic Selection

This first step is critical to the process. In fact, it isn’t out of line to say that everything that follows is dependent on it. You need to make sure yours is a topic that is in high demand, has reasonable competition, and is something that you can write or speak on with authority.

The best courses are taught by people who understand the topic inside and out, really plan out how they are going to present the information, and help people with needs in a certain area solve those problems. What value is your course going to provide? What types of problems do people have that you can help get involved with and help overcome?

These are crucial things to brainstorm and think about before putting in the time, energy, money, and work that will be needed to create an entire online course.

Researching information for online course

What Will Your Format Be?

This is the step where you specifically think about what form your product will take. It will change how you focus, how you move forward, and how the entire project comes together. There isn’t just one way to make a digital online project. There are multiple formats that can be used depending on what it is that you’re looking for, especially in regards to how you are going to sell it.

Just a short sample includes:

  • E-book/PDF
  • Tutorial videos
  • style classes
  • Kindle book
  • Multi-disc course
  • Private forums & coaching
  • Some combination of some, or all, of the above

These are the most typical of the options when it comes to creating a digital program, but this is only a short list of what can be done. Many people will start with one of these and then expand outward to other formats later on in the process.

Planning out a digital product

Once you know what format you want, you can talk to a mentor who has done the style that you would like to mimic. You can also look at the broad range of free online tutorials on YouTube that walk you through the entire process. Follow those steps (no point in re-inventing the wheel) to out together your product.

If you’re not big on writing, the written content can often be outsourced to professional freelance writers who will take care of the actual text based out of an outline, interviews, or any provided notes and other information. Videos don’t even have to be off a camera in many cases: they can be a power point format with a voiceover. In fact, this is a very popular way to go.

In The End

There are many ways to create an online product that gets the attention of potential buyers and makes them excited to get it. No matter what form you decide your course should take, the key is finding a way to connect your outstanding product with the specific needs of your market.