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My Three Simple eBook Marketing Tips

If you are starting to do eBook marketing, and you are not quite sure how to begin, you should know that it’s not that difficult to start making sales, even with a brand-new product. It’s a simple matter of getting targeted visitors to the website where you are selling your product and based upon that sales page, convert those visitors into buyers.

The most difficult part is finding a way to get this targeted traffic and to do so for an affordable cost. Here are three simple eBook marketing tips that you can use if you have an eBook ready to sell right now.

Facebook Marketing

The first thing that you should do is create a Facebook page which is going to showcase your book. You will need to make regular posts about the content. This will serve as points of interest that may motivate people to see what it is that you are selling. Generating such interest can help you start selling multiple eBooks very quickly.

However, you should do a “like” campaign to get things started. The more people that are following you, the more potential customers will see your posts. If people are following you, they have already been prequalified as a potential buyer which is why this particular marketing strategy works so well.

Market and sell your eBook using Facebook

Listing Listing It on Kindle

Kindle is part of the Amazon network. You need to create a KDP account to get started. You must upload your eBook, and also add in information including the title, description, and submit it all for review. It typically takes about 24 hours for this to happen, and your book will be live.

You also need to have an eCover for your book. The cover is what people will see when they find your book on Amazon, and can subsequently purchase it if it interests them.

To get a cover, you go to a site like Fiverr and get one done for you. You can also put one together yourself by investing in digital cover creation software like eCover Software Pro or Pixel Studio FX. The latter is the one I prefer. But, before you spend money on it take a look at to make sure this software is indeed right for you. I have been quite happy with it, but everyone’s preferences are a little different.

Create a digital cover to market your eBook on Amazon

The reason that adding your book to Amazon as a Kindle book is so important is that it will allow you to tap into the buyers market of Amazon. People that go to Amazon are not merely looking for information. They are there to buy something. This is the reason why many people become highly successful marketing Kindle books.

Create a Website and Autoresponder

Another way to market your eBook is to create a web page that showcases it, providing information in a sales page format. You will need to have a button where people can click and buy what you are selling. Transactions can be handled through PayPal, or you may want to use one of the larger eBook platforms such as

If you do decide sell using a platform like ClickBank, you have the added benefit of allowing people to sell your product for you. They will make large affiliate commissions by marketing your product using the graphics that you will provide. They will simply get a link to sell your product, and you can make money on autopilot by having multiple affiliates market your book across the web.

These are just a few of the many eBook marketing tips that you may want to consider. They have been working very well for several years. If you can create multiple eBooks on a continual basis, you could find yourself generating thousands of dollars a month in sales courtesy of Facebook, Amazon, and all of the affiliates that you will have on the ClickBank marketplace.

Digital Products

Learn How To Create Your Own Digital Product

People will often ask me what it takes to put together and sell a digital product of their own. There are many amazing products and courses online, and while looking through the various niches that exist, it is remarkable just how many different forms these online products take. Are you creating a course or a set of courses? Do you have any experience making detailed documents, e-books, or even videos? When it comes to creating a digital product, there are many different options available. Understanding how to create and market one can be your way to an independent fortune or a new business that can be life changing.

However, before getting ourselves too far, the first step is to make sure you understand how the creation process works.

Research and Topic Selection

This first step is critical to the process. In fact, it isn’t out of line to say that everything that follows is dependent on it. You need to make sure yours is a topic that is in high demand, has reasonable competition, and is something that you can write or speak on with authority.

The best courses are taught by people who understand the topic inside and out, really plan out how they are going to present the information, and help people with needs in a certain area solve those problems. What value is your course going to provide? What types of problems do people have that you can help get involved with and help overcome?

These are crucial things to brainstorm and think about before putting in the time, energy, money, and work that will be needed to create an entire online course.

Researching information for online course

What Will Your Format Be?

This is the step where you specifically think about what form your product will take. It will change how you focus, how you move forward, and how the entire project comes together. There isn’t just one way to make a digital online project. There are multiple formats that can be used depending on what it is that you’re looking for, especially in regards to how you are going to sell it.

Just a short sample includes:

  • E-book/PDF
  • Tutorial videos
  • style classes
  • Kindle book
  • Multi-disc course
  • Private forums & coaching
  • Some combination of some, or all, of the above

These are the most typical of the options when it comes to creating a digital program, but this is only a short list of what can be done. Many people will start with one of these and then expand outward to other formats later on in the process.

Planning out a digital product

Once you know what format you want, you can talk to a mentor who has done the style that you would like to mimic. You can also look at the broad range of free online tutorials on YouTube that walk you through the entire process. Follow those steps (no point in re-inventing the wheel) to out together your product.

If you’re not big on writing, the written content can often be outsourced to professional freelance writers who will take care of the actual text based out of an outline, interviews, or any provided notes and other information. Videos don’t even have to be off a camera in many cases: they can be a power point format with a voiceover. In fact, this is a very popular way to go.

In The End

There are many ways to create an online product that gets the attention of potential buyers and makes them excited to get it. No matter what form you decide your course should take, the key is finding a way to connect your outstanding product with the specific needs of your market.

Digital Products

Why Go Digital Over Physical

Today, we’ll step away from marketing for a second. Doing what I do, I get all sorts of questions about digital products. An older relative of mine recently asked my what all the hoopla is about regarding digital products. Why should anyone bother given that physical products can work just as well?

When it comes to technological advancements, there are lots of disagreements going on. Among those is exactly the question that was asked of me, whether or not you are better off with digital products or physical ones. There are folks with opinions on both issues. With this article, I will briefly explore the advantages of the former over the latter.

Going from physical to digital products

First of all, you cannot scratch or break a digital product. With physical copies of things, you never know when it is going to break. How many people had scratched albums or stretched out tapes back when those were the ways that people listened to music?

Hey, it is not any better when you are looking at compact discs for the music world. They are super easy to scratch and much harder to fix than the things that were around before them. However, if you have a digital copy, it is something that cannot be damaged and is going to sound the same every time.

When you do deal with digital products, keeping a backup of your stuff is always an excellent idea. That way, if by some chance you lose your device or drop and break it, you still have your stuff. Now, make sure you follow the law, and only do this if you lose what you have already paid for.

Think of it like making a tape of your favorite album. You take the tape on the road with you while the album gets to sit safely tucked away on the shelf. Should the tape get scratched, you can make a new one. However, you should never make stuff to give away or to have in multiple places.

Different kinds of digital products

Digital products are better for more than just music. The same could be said of your movies and other forms of entertainment. Digital is just better because you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you. That is such a frustrating thing to have happened. Knowing the best way to avoid it is digital should be obvious.

If you are tired of worrying about your stuff breaking all of the time, then you should switch to digital products. As you can see, there are huge advantages of digital products over physical ones that everyone can agree are good things to pay attention to.

The bottom line is, you should start switching all of your stuff from physical copies to digital copies today because it simply makes sense. This concludes our public service announcement. And now, back to your regularly scheduled digital product marketing programming.