Digital Products

Why Go Digital Over Physical

Today, we’ll step away from marketing for a second. Doing what I do, I get all sorts of questions about digital products. An older relative of mine recently asked my what all the hoopla is about regarding digital products. Why should anyone bother given that physical products can work just as well?

When it comes to technological advancements, there are lots of disagreements going on. Among those is exactly the question that was asked of me, whether or not you are better off with digital products or physical ones. There are folks with opinions on both issues. With this article, I will briefly explore the advantages of the former over the latter.

Going from physical to digital products

First of all, you cannot scratch or break a digital product. With physical copies of things, you never know when it is going to break. How many people had scratched albums or stretched out tapes back when those were the ways that people listened to music?

Hey, it is not any better when you are looking at compact discs for the music world. They are super easy to scratch and much harder to fix than the things that were around before them. However, if you have a digital copy, it is something that cannot be damaged and is going to sound the same every time.

When you do deal with digital products, keeping a backup of your stuff is always an excellent idea. That way, if by some chance you lose your device or drop and break it, you still have your stuff. Now, make sure you follow the law, and only do this if you lose what you have already paid for.

Think of it like making a tape of your favorite album. You take the tape on the road with you while the album gets to sit safely tucked away on the shelf. Should the tape get scratched, you can make a new one. However, you should never make stuff to give away or to have in multiple places.

Different kinds of digital products

Digital products are better for more than just music. The same could be said of your movies and other forms of entertainment. Digital is just better because you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you. That is such a frustrating thing to have happened. Knowing the best way to avoid it is digital should be obvious.

If you are tired of worrying about your stuff breaking all of the time, then you should switch to digital products. As you can see, there are huge advantages of digital products over physical ones that everyone can agree are good things to pay attention to.

The bottom line is, you should start switching all of your stuff from physical copies to digital copies today because it simply makes sense. This concludes our public service announcement. And now, back to your regularly scheduled digital product marketing programming.


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