Digital Product Marketing

Learn to Manage Your Products as Well as Your Online Presence

Having a solid strategy for product promotion is all very well. However, if you want to get the most out of every potential customer visit, it is also vital to optimize your online presence. Doing so will make people more likely to purchase or at the very least keep you in mind and as one of their options.

Build a Proper Website

There will be times when you may want traffic directed to an external ecommerce platform, which will then let someone purchase your services or products. But that is no excuse for not having a website to support your product that provides you with complete content control

Here are a few pointers that will allow you to get the most from such a site:

  • Put Yourself out there. Let people know who you are, what you love and what makes you do what it is you do. Making things personal allows you to make a connection with your potential customers, and for them to connect with your brand. This builds trust.
  • What is the value you or your product are providing? Make sure that it is clearly and correctly portrayed on your website.
  • Spell out what will be received upon product purchase. This information should be outlined explicitly and clearly.
  • Make sure to clearly highlight all subscription options, social media profiles and anything that will allow your visitors to obtain updates from your website.
  • If there is an option for a direct purchase of the product from the site, you must guarantee the safety of your customers’ personal information when they enter it.

Your digital product must have a website

Consider Your Landing Pages

The first page that visitors see when arriving at a website is the landing page. This page is crucial in whether or not your visitor sticks around. It is also where the visit could be turned into a conversion.

You should keep in mind that some visitors will arrive at your site at the tail end of a chain, and not directly or from a search engine results page. Consider creating a separate landing page that is tailored for those who come to the website via Twitter, and a different one still for those that arrive through Facebook (or any other frequent traffic source). Think about the likeliness of a purchase being made by these groups of visitors that are coming from other sites. They may very well be more likely to convert.

Run a Pre-launch Promotion

The aim of a pre-launch promotion is to create some hype that surrounds a particular product before it is even available. A buzz can be created about that product on the product landing page. Subscription options which can allow users to be notified when the product is available can be included. This is an excellent way of promoting on both establishes and new websites.

Previews your Products

By nature, humans are skeptical. Many times a bit of persuading and convincing is needed before they will make a purchase. This is why allowing users to preview a product is an excellent idea. This gives them a chance to make sure the are receiving exactly what they are expecting.

A Snippet

Much like a product review, a slimmed down version of the product you are selling can be released free of cost. If your product happens to be an eBook, perhaps the first chapter or a section of can be made available. If it is an online course, then maybe as a way of demonstrating its value you can offer the first level for free.

Freebies are Fun

An excellent way to earn trust before launching a paid product is by giving away plenty of value, for free. This is related to the above-mentioned example of creating websites which focus on allowing individuals to find resources that don’t cost them anything. Doing this paves the way to being able to promote products which are paid but continue to offer your visitors plenty of value for free on a regular basis.

The Difference Between Selling and Free

As strange as it may sound, sometimes offering the product for free may yield you better results in the long run. By giving away a high-value product for no cost, you can gain trust as well as provide people with a glimpse into the kind of material you are creating. You can even offer a free product in exchange for an email or perhaps a Facebook like. This opens up the lines of communications and can reap a significant benefit in the future as you release new offerings.


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